Free of Bullying

Free of Bullying is an anti-bullying programme consisting of teaching aids aimed at children aged 3 to 8. Free of Bullying is implemented by developing a series of good social practices designed to strengthen the children’s community spirit.

Free of Bullying consists of two suitcases for 3 to 6-year-olds and 6 to 8-year-olds, respectively.

These suitcases contain materials designed to be used together with the children in preschool or school. The materials have been developed in close collaboration with leading experts in Denmark.

The children work with the tools contained in a suitcase at regular children’s meetings – continuity and the specific focus on well-being are paramount.

The aim of Free of Bullying is to ensure that these social practices become embedded in the culture.

Read more about Free of Bullying (pdf) or visit the Free of bullying website

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Read more about Free of Bullying

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  • Contact: Lars Stilling Netteberg
  • Program manager, Save the Children Denmark
  • +45 2089 7250